Pink Slips, Repairs & Service of Cars and Trucks in Revesby

Logbook Servicing

At Morris Automotive we can carry out all your regular logbook servicing needs. With such a long history in the industry, we understand faults and problems on particular models, and can monitor them with our routine servicing. We comprehensively check over every aspect of the vehicle, to check for wear and damage. We also have the latest diagnostic equipment to establish faults in new vehicles. To book in for a car or truck service in Revesby, Condell Park, Padstow or Milperra, please get in touch with us today.

One Stop Repair Shop

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your repair needs. Anything you need for your car, we can get the job done. Classic and European cars are our specialty, repairing all makes and models. If you have any questions about our service offerings at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mercedes Benz Specialist Repairer

At Morris Automotive, we pride ourselves on having a comprehensive understanding of all Mercedes Benz makes and models. From 1960 to new, we can repair and service all Mercedes Benz models with care and precision. Our specialities also include Mercedes Benz light commercial vehicles including the Sprinter and Vito Models. For a quote on a repair, call us on (02) 9774 4856.

Brake Repairs and Machining

Having functioning brakes on your vehicle is crucial to your own safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. At Morris Automotive we are able to repair and machine brake parts on all makes and models. Being able to machine brake discs and drums means their life can be extended and save you paying for costly replacement parts. To arrange a quote on a brake repair, speak with our team on (02) 9774 4856.

Suspension Service and Repairs for Cars & Trucks

Having worn suspension components can dramatically affect your driving experience. It can also make your vehicle unsafe on the road as it may not handle as intended. At Morris Automotive we can repair all your suspension parts and have your vehicle handling and driving its best. Have a chat with us for additional information.

Auto-Electrical Repairs

Many modern vehicles operate with complex electronic systems managing different aspects of the vehicle. With the latest in auto electrical equipment, Morris Automotive can quickly and easily establish faults in these systems. Without an experienced mechanic and without this equipment, finding these problems can take a long time and be incredibly costly.

Windscreen Replacement

As part of our comprehensive range of repairs, we also offer windscreen replacement services. We can provide windscreens for all makes and models of car. A cracked windscreen can not only be difficult to see through, but can also be unsafe because its structural integrity has been compromised. For a quote on a replacement windscreen, contact us today.

Battery Replacement

Just like any other part of your car, your battery has a certain lifespan which depends heavily on the quality of the battery. Although some batteries are more expensive, they outlive their cheaper rivals. Morris Automotive supplies and fits top quality batteries at a great price. For a quote on battery replacement, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Having worn tyres on your car can be incredibly dangerous, as traction will be greatly decreased. Having a lack of traction makes your vehicle's handling unpredictable whilst driving, and the driver isn't in full control of the vehicle. If you feel that your tyres may be worn or due for replacement, visit us for a quote. We supply tyres for all makes and models.

Auto and Manual Transmission Servicing and Repairs

Transmission problems can often be diagnosed by clunking when shifting, whining noises or delayed shifts. If you feel that your vehicle is experiencing these symptoms, you may be due for a transmission service or repair. Morris Automotive have many years of experience working on automatic and manual transmissions from all makes and models. Visit us today and we'll be happy to evaluate your vehicle to put together a quote for you.

Engine Reconditioning

As your engine gets older, parts will wear and eventually fail. We have the tools and parts to recondition motors on all makes and models, getting your car running like new again. Working on engines and their internals is a complex process, only to be trusted with the most experienced mechanics. Morris has many years’ experience reconditioning motors; you can be confident your car will receive the care it needs.

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